Policies and Procedures

Little Rock Lacrosse Policies and Procedures

Youth Boys and Girls


Parent and Player Expectations


Little Rock Lacrosse understands parents have busy schedules; however, we strongly encourage a parent or guardian to attend the FIRST practice and the LAST practice of the season. This will allow coaches and staff to relay important information about the program and answer questions.

Adults responsible for their player need to be a maximum of 30 minutes from where sessions are held in case of emergency or inclement weather.

Parents are welcome at all practices and games but are asked to remain on the spectator sideline or in the parking lot during sessions.

Players are responsible for their own hydration during sessions. Snacks and refreshments may be provided periodically by Little Rock Lacrosse but are not guaranteed.

Players are not allowed to participate if they have not been officially registered for the season.


TeamApp is the primary form of communication throughout the season. Parents, coaches, players, and staff communicate through TeamApp – all other forms of communication during this time may delay a response. This includes notifications regarding cancellations, delays, or tardies. Parents, coaches, staff, and players are welcome to provide photos in their group provided they are Little Rock Lacrosse related. Stack TeamApp can be downloaded through an app store on their phone free of charge. Payment of any kind is not necessary to access and utilize TeamApp. Each season/division is divided into a TeamApp “Group”, e.g. “Fall Youth Girls 2024”; if the user is not in the correct group they will not receive the correct notifications or information.

Email can be used to contact Little Rock Lacrosse’s directors or the program, as a whole. Social media should not be used as a form of communication regarding important questions or concerns.


All players should arrive to practice 15 minutes prior to the start of practice time. This allows for the players to be fully dressed for practice and the practice can start on time.

Advance notice is encouraged if a player is going to be late.

Missing players can affect how coaches plan for practices and games and can affect the game play of the team. The intent of this policy is to provide a fair and safe environment for the lacrosse players in the program.

The following is to be considered excused absences if the team's head coach is notified at least 1 hour prior to practice time. If a 1 hour notice is not provided to the coach, the absence could be considered unexcused.

  • Medical situations
  • Religious events
  • Extenuating family circumstances (death in the family, family illness, etc.)

If a participant is playing multiple sports during the lacrosse season, the player is required to attend at least 2 practices a week. Any other arrangements must be agreed upon with the coach ahead of time.

Unexcused absences could result in being held out of the next scheduled game. Unexcused absences are not to be cumulative over the season, but only addressed in the next scheduled game following the absence.


All players should arrive to their games 45 minutes prior to game time, unless an earlier time is specified by the head coach. This allows for the players to start warmups and be available for a roster check by the opposing team. If a player arrives late after roster check, it is the opposing team's discretion to allow a late check-in of the player.

If a player is going to be late to pre-game warmups or the game, a 2 hour advance notice must be given to the head coach of the player's team. This will allow time for the coach to make the opposing team representative aware of a late arriving player.


Coaches, players, parents, and fans of Little Rock Lacrosse must remember that they represent the Central Arkansas Lacrosse community and the sport of lacrosse at large at all venues in which we play. As such, all participants Little Rock Lacrosse will exhibit good sportsmanship as a representative of the lacrosse community. Respect for officials, coaches, teammates, and opposing players must be displayed at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior, including degrading teammates, being disrespectful to coaches and officials, and throwing of equipment will not be tolerated.


Unless otherwise stated within the registration for certain programs, the below policy applies to our programs. Once a program has started the funds collected are spent on fields and supplies. Special considerations can be considered and are determined by the Little Rock Lacrosse Board of Directors.

  • Refund requests 7 days or more from the scheduled program start date are eligible to receive a 100% refund of the total program fees less the credit card and processing fees.
  • Refund requests 6 days or fewer from the program start date are eligible to receive a 75% refund of the total program fees less the credit card and processing fees.
  • Refund requests 3 days or fewer from the program start date are eligible to receive a 50% refund of total program fees less the credit card and processing fees.
  • Refund requests on or after the program start date are not eligible to receive a refund.



Weather Policy                                                       **See LR Lacrosse Emergency Action Plan (EAP)


Notifications regarding cancellations or rescheduling will be posted on Stack TeamApp as soon as permitted.


Cancelation of games due to weather will be made by at least one hour before the game by Little Rock Lacrosse Directors.

In the case of lightning, game play will resume 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.

Always assume that games will be played unless otherwise contacted by your team's coach/staff via Stack TeamApp.


In events of heavy rain, the practice field may be closed under the field-owner’s discretion.

If coaching staff receives a lightning notification during practice, players will be dismissed from the vicinity immediately. *See Parent Responsibilities and LR Lacrosse EAP

Little Rock Lacrosse will follow the Little Rock School District’s inclement weather policy.


General Policies

Participants in lacrosse must be aware of the Official Rules. https://www.usalacrosse.com/rules

Players must ensure that their behavior, equipment and uniform conform to all required and allowable standards, as defined by US Lacrosse rules. 

Coaches must ensure that they are teaching their players to play by the rules. Coaches should participate in continuing lacrosse-specific education and training that helps them to understand and teach new rules and address safety concerns. 

Officials must ensure fair and safe play by consistently enforcing the rules. Officials must take part in continuing lacrosse-specific education that helps them understand and interpret new rules. 

Spectators must contribute to a safe-play environment by demonstrating positive and sportsmanlike conduct. Those watching lacrosse must understand and appreciate the unique rules and culture of the game.

Players are not to be left unattended prior to or after any practice or game. If a parent or guardian is late, they are required to contact the Coaching staff to relay this information. Under these circumstances, a Coach or Little Rock Lacrosse Staff member will remain with the player until their guardian has arrived.


USA Lacrosse Memberships are required to participate in any Little Rock Lacrosse program. All coaches and players must have current USA Lacrosse memberships which are active through one calendar year from membership sign-up. https://www.usalacrosse.com/

Players, Coaches and Officials who are currently registered members of USA Lacrosse, and who are in good standing, are covered by the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program for the term of their membership.


Concerns regarding coaching decisions may not be addressed with a team's Coaches until 24 hours have passed since the end of the scheduled game in question. A constructive approach in expressing these concerns may be made to the Coach and/or the Director after 24 hours.



Boy’s lacrosse players must have appropriate equipment including helmet*, chest pads* (shoulder), arm pads, gloves, lacrosse stick, cleats, athletic cup & mouth guard. Players who are not properly equipped may not participate in any physical capacity.

White helmets are mandatory to participate in games – no custom colors are allowed.

*Effective January 1, 2022, shoulder pads for boys’ field players must be designed for lacrosse and meet NOCSAE standard ND200. All helmets must be meet NOCSAE standards.

Girl’s lacrosse players must have appropriate equipment including goggles*, stick**, & mouth guard.

*Protective eyewear use is required in girls' and women's lacrosse. There must be marking on both the packaging and product that states that the eyewear conforms to ASTM standard F3077. 

All women’s headgear products that include integrated eyewear must meet the ASTM eyewear standard, F3077-17, in addition to the ASTM headgear standard, F3137.?


USA Lacrosse > Eye and Face Protect (Sports) > Eye Protection for Womens Lacrosse (ASTM F3077-2017)

**Girls “Legal Sticks” regulated by USA Lacrosse



Injuries:                                                                                               See LR Lacrosse Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Parents, players, and coaches should familiarize themselves with the signs and symptoms of a concussion. Little Rock Lacrosse refers to the CDC’s “Heads Up” Program regarding concussion safety,  https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/index.html. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that interferes with normal brain function. An athlete does not have to lose consciousness to have suffered a concussion.

No athlete may return to game play or practice on the same day of a concussion.

Any athlete suspected of having a concussion should be evaluated by an appropriate health care professional that day.

Any athlete with a concussion must be medically cleared by an appropriate health care professional prior to resuming participation in any practice or competition.

After medical clearance, the decision for a player to return to play is under the discretion of the Head Coach - which should follow the CDC’s “Heads Up” protocol**.



At every program, practice and game, one or more adults will be designated as in-charge of management of an emergency.

An adult with basic first aid training should be on site.

A basic first aid kit with materials to clean, cover, or immobilize an injured body part will be on site.

Every coach at every program, practice and game will have a current roster with emergency contact numbers.

Every coach at every clinic, practice and game will have a fully charged cell phone on their person.

Gates to the playing location are to remain open and accessible during play time.

Person in charge must control the scene and initiate the EAP.